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Louis vuitton replica Louis vuitton design hard case Brazilian supermodel gisele bundchen lady escort

When it comes to Louis Vuitton UK, it is well known is the world famous brand, a lot of people obsessed with famous brand. Has its own charm. 2014 World Cup in Brazil, with a replica Louis vuitton exclusive memorial trophy case by friends of the Louis vuitton, the fashion logo gisele bundchen escorted miss to be present.
Gisele bundchen, issued by the world famous Brazilian supermodel to remarkable World Cup trophy and proud. She is an excellent representative of Brazilian women, her motherland glorious spread throughout the world, thus become a Louis vuitton and FIFA.
In 2010, FIFA commissioned by Louis vuitton for the World Cup design exclusive memory of hard cases, the continuation of the Louis vuitton uk for travelers to make elegant exquisite luggage, for them to deliver yourself to the tradition of precious personal items. In more than 150 years of history, is located in the French Asnieres Louis vuitton workshop often contribute your impressive custom work, in the African explorers Pierre Savorgnan DE Brazza used folding box, 1000 cigars can be placed into the cigar box, luggage, and desk to specifically designed for Indian baroda maharaja of portable tea box, and so on. Also from the workshop and serving the world's most ancient sports trophy - from 1851, the famous silver pot of America's cup trophy suitcase.
By the early establishment, Louis vuitton Handags UK has special custom made service for the guests, no matter how unique requirements, brand will take it down to its desire. Famous French explorer Pierre Savorgnan DE Brazza repeatedly expedition to Africa, and in 1880 established in Congo Brazzaville, the capital of the city, he had asked to design a brand can fold up to collect berth suitcase. In Paris in 1925 international decoration art exposition, Louis vuitton made in Milano make-up box is one of the most startling exhibits; This elegant Moroccan sheepskin with red lining, with various intervals, can put the silver cover crystal perfume bottles, silver plated shaving tool, ivory handle a comb and so on more than 50 items. Add Boston vuitton is one of the committee, vice chairman of the expo, in order to complete this luxury cosmetic box, he with Lalique and Puiforcat many famous French brand closely.
Asnieres factory today to make every year around 450 pieces of special order the louis vuitton uk goods, by the travel safe to put portable case, by 30 shirt drawer suitcase that milk bottles bracket, no matter how unique ideas, unique craftsmen will comply with all requirements, is committed to a guest wishes, but must strictly abide by a principle.
As Patrick - Louis Vuitton Outlet UK puts it: "we don't design furniture, because of the tourism culture is our tradition, so the craftsmen to make order products must be based on principles of convenient carrying and carry." Louis vuitton outlet started initially by the high quality luggage, let a guest can easily carry objects around the shuttle, I love this traditional spirit through special custom made service today.


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